Just as Antoine de Saint-Exupery has famously written in “The Little Prince”,

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

our work and journey with you at Etern Hope is one that is positioned for moving beyond the superficial and surface to see the essential for your life, for yourself.

Individual Counselling

Seeing a therapist for counselling does not necessarily mean that you “have a problem” or are ill, though counselling is one of the helpful ways for us to work through the difficulties we face and improve psychological health. In fact, counselling is for anyone who will like to seek professional support in their journey towards greater well-being, personal clarity and improved quality of life and relationships.

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For Children and Parents

We are BIG on children and all that promote wholesome and healthy development for them. This also means we are here for the parents too, because it really takes a village to raise a child! We place great importance on providing therapy that are based on sound research findings and backed by neuroscience, whilst focusing on the uniqueness of each child and parents. We also believe in making things practical and relatable because we believe that bringing back wonder and vibrancy to childhood is not a fancy dream and parenting need not feel so lonely and unattainable.

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For Couples and Families

Our families and the quality of the marriages of our parents exert a great influence over our lives and development, whether we recognize it or not. Our marriages and how we think we fare in “doing family” often have significant impact on us. We recognize the pivotal role that couple relationships and families play in the overall health of individuals, societies and the world, and endeavor to do our part in promoting healthier and happier relationships and families.

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