Growing the Garden Within

Out-of-Sync with the New Year

This is seldom talked about in the area of ending a year and crossing over into a new year but so crucial, and the approach we take towards addressing this, needs to change because this experience is more common than we imagine and the physical and psychological effects of this are weighty. What is “this”?…

Looking at Clouds – A Clue to More Lasting Well-Being

Most of us would have come across or heard about Mindfulness in one form or another, whether at a fitness class, in therapy room, in coaching and/or schools and workplaces. One key aspect of Mindfulness is the practice of observation without judgement. In plain language, it is to simply notice (and name) what we see,…

What You Need To Know

Hello there! Welcome to our blog space. We look forward to serving you doses of vital “nutrients” for growing a life that thrives even in difficult and challenging circumstances. In addition to providing you with bite-sized practical tips on promoting wholistic health and well-being, curated from credible sources, research and scientific findings, through the regular…

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